Every month a new creative retreat becomes available to new subscribers until the deadline for posting or until they completely sell out!  You can sign up for a monthly subscription for yourself, select a gift option for a loved one or if you are not sure whether a creative retreat is the experience you are looking for try one of our ‘one off’ retreat boxes. If you like it as much as we think you will, you can always select a monthly subscription next month. Most boxes are posted on the 21st of the month but some one off boxes are available within seven days of ordering. You can chart the progress of our retreat boxes by checking out the countdown clock on our home page, so you know exactly when to expect your beautiful parcel of creative inspiration!.

FREE GIFTS! When you sign up for a monthly subscription, a gift subscription or select a one off retreat box we include FREE UK P&P and have some other lovely free gifts in store for you too! See each section below for further details.

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Personal Monthly Subscription – £15 per month

Give yourself a well-deserved gift to nourish and inspire your creative soul by signing up for a monthly retreat for just £15 per month, including FREE UK P&P. For personal subscriptions, you pay a £15 ‘sign up’ fee when you subscribe which is your payment for your first months retreat box. You will then pay £15 on the 1st of the month for the duration of your subscription. You have the peace of mind of knowing that you can cancel your subscription at any time (see FAQ page for further details). Enter your name/ nickname and birthday to your order during check out so we can make your experience a little more personal!

FREE GIFTS– You will receive a £3 discount on your creative retreat boxes EVERY month! This reduces your retreat boxes from £18 to just £15 each. You will also be invited to join our private Muse Tribe Facebook group so you can share your adventures with other creative souls!

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Gift Options

The creative friends, family, colleagues and loved ones in our life can be difficult to buy for so let us take the work out of that for you with a magical gift options!

Our gift options work as a one off payment so you can subscribe today then relax and know that your loved one will receive creative retreat boxes for as many months as you choose! Please check out our FAQ for further information.  If you have a more specific question or request please email us directly. We adore helping people to surprise and indulge the ones they love so we will do whatever we can to help!

FREE GIFTS–  Select one of our gift options below and we can include a FREE gift certificate in a golden envelope which explains the beautiful gift in detail. We can include a handwritten personal message from you too! The recipient will also be invited to join our private Muse Tribe private Facebook group so they can share their adventures with other creative souls!

One Off Boxes

Try before you subscribe. If you would like to try our retreat box experience before you subscribe treat yourself to a one off box. You are welcome to come back and sign up for a monthly subscription afterwards! Alternatively, a one off box makes a thoughtful gift for a creative loved one.

FREE GIFT: We can include a handwritten, personalised message for your creative loved one from you!

Creative Space – The focus of this retreat is on clearing time & space in your life in which to be creative. Posting every Saturday.

Angel Heart – SOLD OUT. The focus of this retreat is on exploring what specific meaning angels hold for you.

The World of Aroma– Explore the world of aroma and delight your most neglected sense! Posting on 21st April.

True Colours: Explore what colour means to you through this beautiful retreat, designed to bring a little colour into your life! Posting every Saturday.

Love: This retreat focuses on celebrating the love we have in our lives, in all of it’s manifestations! Posting every Saturday.

Alice in Wonderland: Journey down the rabbit hole and explore your very own magical adventures in Wonderland! Posting every Saturday.

Flowers: This retreat focuses on exploring the fascinating language of flowers! Posting every Saturday.

Chinatown: This retreat invites you to delight in the wonders of the east by exploring the sights, scents and flavours of Chinatown! Posting every Saturday.

This isn’t one of our usual retreats but a lucky dip of art & craft gifts from previous boxes! Posting every Saturday.

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